Bite Splints for Tooth Grinding

Bite Splint for Teeth

Bite Splint for Teeth

Bite Splints

Patients may have symptoms of tooth grinding or clenching which include sore muscles in the mouth and face as well as into the head. They may fracture teeth or just chip the edges. A patient may not even realize that they grind or clench. Grinding and clenching is usually involuntary and occurs during sleeping. Grinding and or clenching patterns are easy to diagnose during oral examination.

The teeth can be ground down due to this habit and can break requiring restorations such as composite fillings or crowns. As the teeth are ground away, the height of the patients bite is reduced which can cause soreness in the muscles in the mouth which are used to chew. This muscular pain can be extreme at times and can lead to damage of the jaw joint and bones.

Bruxism appliances are often called nightguards. The appliance is made of a strong acrylic like substance which will be worn at night during sleep. The appliance allows the muscles to rest by not allowing the patient to bite the full way down. Also, the appliance protects the teeth from being ground down and fracturing away.

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